Bus expert at Cornwall

Cornwall County in the UK is quite challenging if you do not have a car or money for endless taxies. The area has some of the most beautiful beaches and coastal views I have ever seen. The towns are lovely, the sea is always in sight and the roads and narrow lanes are lined with hedges and dry stone walls. On the down side, the buses are infrequent and they do not get you everywhere but are driven by the most wonderful and helpful people.

To arrive to my destination I had to take two trains, a bus, and still walked ten minutes with a huge suitcase to finally rest comfortably in my new home, a caravan next to the hostel I will be working. I suspected going around and visiting other places will be a bit of a challenge, but it turns out to be the best experience.


Road near Treyarnon Bay, Cornwall. 

For the next three months I would frequently take the bus in the same stop to go to the nearest big-ish town, visit the green house of Eden Project, try Cornish pasties for the first time and ate the freshest fish and chips from local restaurants. In time I would start to smile and have a talk with the few drivers of the route. We will joke around about my “regular” visits to the pub, and some of them will introduce me to their colleagues. Just like that my friend and I would be known as the girls of Constantine Bay Bus stop.

Thanks to that I would enjoy special treatments, get wonderful advice for places to visit and feel like a local, after all in a small town everyone knows everyone. Once, one bus drivers dropped me near my stop even, when at that time he was not meant to pass from there and saved me from quite a walk. Others ask me for help to check the brake’s light and I got to sit in the driver’s seat, I must say it made me feel quite important!

One of them even save me from getting stranded in Newquay, a coastal town full of surfers and arcades. I had to change buses and I was about to miss the last one of the day, I could just see it leaving in the opposite direction while I still need it to get to the stop. But, knowing the locals have its advantages. My friend driver stop in the middle of a busy road next to the other bus and yelled – Wait, I have a girl who is going your way! – I immediately, rush to hop from one bus to another and felt relived I did not miss it, and a bit guilty as I heard the cars horns from both lanes.


Walking home when you miss the bus. St. Merryn, Cornwall.


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