A walk in The Greenway

I will be short. I was living in Stratford Upon Avon last November. Looking for something cheap and nice to do in a sunny day I decided to rent a bike and go for a ride a couple of hours. For the third time since I arrived to the UK I couldn’t do it because the place was closed, I suppose that avoiding weekends to go out is not always the best idea.

The Greenway

I was there already, so I decided to walk for a while in The Greenway. The road used to be a railway track years ago what makes the way easy to walk, there is no hills and you just have to walk straight. I was marvelled by the beautiful landscape. The reminds of the green and the starting browns and yellows of the autumn were my company and every now and then I crossed path with cyclists and walkers who nodded their head, smiled or said ‘good morning’.

IMG_7187 IMG_7171

Along the Greenway I had the chance to enter in a field next to a river. I suppose in summer people have picnics there, but that day I had it for myself. It is rare for me to have that feeling of being alone in nature and forgetting about the time or what is happening in other parts of the world. Now we live so connected that we forget that there was a time when news tooke days, months or you didn’t even know that there was other stories beyond your neighbor town.


There, my shoes got completely wet for the dew. So I had to take my socks off and walk the next 2 hours holding them: waiting until they got dry.  I just made a stop to eat an apple and some pistachios. I didn’t know how much I had been walking until I realized some of the wooden seats along the way had a sign: “Stratford 3 miles” and an arrow pointing my opposite direction.


How is natural for a competitive person, like me, I thought: “let’s complete the 5 miles”. I walked, I took photos, I breathed fresh air, I listened to the nature and some music too, I thought about important and silly things, I also danced when no one was around and I completed my 5 miles to Long Marston and 5 miles back.



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