Parks and personalities of London

Every choice we make is based in our character, so to find your favorite park in London you should know that each one has its own spirit   

In some people’s mind London supposed to be grey; a city of rainy days, brick buildings and a little bit a jungle of concrete like the big metropolis that it is. Nevertheless, it was a surprise to discover that around every corner you could find a green space where the nature and the city coexist for the delight of the pedestrians.

If you are lucky to visit London for long enough to cover the main tourist attractions and more, visiting some of the parks mention below could be a pleasant surprise. Of course, we all are different and enjoy doing different things on holidays. Some people prefer to stay as relaxed as possible; with a drink in the hand and moving just the necessary. Some others want to make every second count and do new activities and expand their boundaries.

Choices are what London has in parks and walking for many of them you realize each one has its own character, its own personality. If you want to choose which one fined your feet among London parks and spend countless hours in a bench or enjoying the activities; here are some suggestions.

Regent’s Park

Nature is stunning by itself, however when men puts its creativity into it results in amazing gardens where to walk an afternoon with no other purpose than fill your eyes with colors and beauty. Regent’s was design by architect John Nash in 1811; since then residents and tourists can be delighted with its inspiring views.

The Park has the character of a calm and playful atmosphere, which matches perfectly with a family day in the playground, visiting the zoo or taking a ride on boat in the lake. The options are endless for people with a vigorous and versatile spirit. For instance, you could enjoy the sports area that includes football, softball, rugby, and a cricket pitch; or immerse yourself in a play in the Open Air Theater.

Finally, let’s not forget you could also walk in Regents canal. Whatever is your choice save some time to sit and relax for a while, because there are so many options that you will need a break from time to time if you do not want to finish exhausted.

Gardens at Regent's Park

Gardens at Regent’s Park

Richmond Park

All parks are an escape from the city, some of them are a quick glimpse of nature and peace and some others are a real retreat from London. This is the case of Richmond Park, a landscape of hills and woodlands that attracts visitors who look for solitude and contemplation. Visitors can wonder around the largest Royal Park in London, discovering spectacular views that will make you feel small in the world.

Richmond is definitely for nature lovers; those people who like to observe and be amazed by the plants and animals that inhabit in the park. Also, that is how Richmond set apart from other parks; the possibility to see groups of deer walking free next to you is an experience you should not lose in London.

There are around 650 deer in the park and they are use to the presence of humans which allow you to watch them from a short distance. The charmed of Richmond has no comparison; take a hold afternoon off and prepare yourself to enjoy in the open air.

Deer at Richmond

Deer at Richmond


Hyde Park

For the most classical visitors, Hyde Park is a must for many tourists, but its popularity is well deserved. If you are the kind of person who enjoy the nature but don’t want to sacrifice a comfortable road to walk, food stands, cafes and organized activities; Hyde Park is the perfect option.

For those who like to stay in their comfort zone, Hyde Park is in the middle of the city. It is big enough so you can escape from the city noise, but well located to go back to the urban life. Perfect for friendly personalities, those that enjoy meet new people, smile to others or exchange a few words. It also offers the chance to learn a new skill; you could find instructors teaching how to ride a bike, a skateboard or rollerblade. Talkative, popular and charming, Hyde Park is like that.

As a resident is a time out from the city and a friendly environment to see and being seeing and as a tourist is a must for their pictures and a place to feel the pulse of the green London.


Sunset at Hyde Park

Sunset at Hyde Park


Holland Park

Going to Holland Park in late afternoon is like entering in a mysterious garden. Located in central London in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, this park has some unusual surprises that match with those who enjoy finding hidden gems.

Beautiful waterfalls and fountains, variety of flowers and even peacocks will be in your walk through the park. A most for this park is the Holland Park Kyoto garden, a landscape that will transport you to the Far East Japanese. If all the parks in London have something that make them unique, this space for relax and contemplation is definitely the best revelation in Holland Park.

The land of the park used to be part of a Jacobean mansion and walking into the woods there is part of the house and a terrace use for live performances. For the curious this park has everything for an afternoon of discovers.

Holland Park

Holland Park

Hampstead Heath

The best adjective for Hampstead Heath is adventurous. Enter in a park of open spaces, perfect for long walks, exercise and breathe fresh air. Located in the north of London, it takes some time from the center of the city, but the journey is worth it to inhale pure air and leave the city, traffic and pollution behind.

Those who are enthusiastic and seekers of new experiences will enjoy to go with friends and play some Frisbee, make a picnic or bring their dog to run and play. Hampstead Heath, as the rest of the parks, has something distinctive: the pounds. Jump into the water and have a different day swimming and joking around. For those who are all about having fun and new experiences this park adjust perfectly to their personalities.

Of course there are a million more activities to do in the sport facilities or the playgrounds. However something not to miss during a visit is one of the points where the view of London could take your breath away, like Parliament Hill or Golders Hill.

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath



These are just a few options in parks, but London has much more like: St. James Park, Victoria Park or the recently open Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Which one you like more?


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