Bournemouth, the ordinary and the shifting experiences

  In the south of England is possible to find the most classical tourism and the lively ambience of a town that is willing to change every week

Bournemouth details

Bournemouth details

There are several cities at the seaside in the UK. What makes Bournemouth so especial? Privilege weather, one of the best beaches in the UK and a vibrant night life are just a few reasons. Nevertheless, after living here for 10 months I can say that the most exiting about this town is how every weekend the city makes over a new face to show to locals and visitors.

Bournemouth could not have the excitement of a big city like London, but certainly has a great variety of options. Visitors can explore the area and its different activities or enjoy in the town centre the frequented festivals and conventions organized over the year.

For those travellers that want to see more of England than just London, Bournemouth in summer has the atmosphere of being for a moment in the West Coast of California enjoying the beach and the sunset. It will be unfair not to admit that not all days are sunny and that the cold wind of the British island could give you a beach day with a sweater and a scarf, but the charm of the landscape it doesn’t vanish for that.

The common

Bournemouth as a destination has developed many attractions that tourist can enjoy when visiting for a couple of days. Of course, the main one is the beach and the water activities, but even without going into the sea just walking along the coast is a great experience. Or you could take a bike and drive until Old Harry Rock, three stunning chalk formation part of the Jurassic Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Among other things you could spend the days taking the local bus tour, visiting the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, the aquarium or shopping in the town center. Later, if you are lucky to see the beautiful sunset at Bournemouth beach you could finish the evening with a performance in the Pavilion Theater or dinning in one of the many restaurants.

Special mention has to be done for the balloon; a white, red and blue flight to see the city and the surrounded area with other perspective. Panoramic views of Bournemouth and the sea could change the afternoon from normal to spectacular. The giant helium balloon has become already a symbol of the town and from the ground a beautiful sight against the sky.

Bournemouth low gardens



The special

In summer you can have a weekend full of adrenaline in Wheels Festival, seeing monster trucks and Formula 1 race cars; the next one enjoying a break dance competition close to the beach and the following tasting dishes from all over the world in the Food and Drinks Fest.

If you are not sure if the mainstream tourism attractions from Bournemouth are convincing enough to visit the city, there are special events through the year when the city transform itself in a whole new scene. The arrival of a new event means many different activities and enjoyment out of the normal routine. For some days you can feel a different spirit in the Bournemouth. Either is the magical atmosphere of the Christmas market or the amusement of the famous Bournemouth air festival, a vibrant air show that displays different kind of aircrafts and bold maneuvers.

Bournemouth Arts by the Sea is the next transformation for the city. It will run from the 26 of September until the 12 of October. Music, visual arts, performances, films, dace and more will take the town for a few days. Sometimes the best destinations are those you never imagine to go to. Bournemouth is like that, you never considerate it before but certainly you will love it.

Wheels festival at Bournemouth

Wheels festival at Bournemouth


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